What is a Bonspiel? First of all, it’s pronounced Bon-speel. It’s a fun word that basically means “curling tournament.” If you’ve never been to a Bonspiel, they’re a blast. They’re typically a weekend event that attracts curling teams from throughout the region. The registration fee usually includes food and beverages at the curling rink all weekend. Many Bonspiels encourage costumes or have themes. And curlers seem to LOVE their costumes.

The Brainerd Lakes Curling Club hosts several Bonspiels each year. The Bonspiels that are still scheduled for the 2016-17 curling season are listed below. Get a team together and join us for a fun weekend of curling!

The Holden Memorial Bonspiel – March 25-26
This bonspiel is to honor Fran Holden, who donated the money to build the Brainerd Lakes Curling Club. Click here for more details.


Holden Trophy Winners A Event

A Event Champs - Hicks With Sticks

Lead: Toni Czeczok
Second: Renae Czeczok 
Vice: Dave Bohlander
Skip: Shaun Roger

Holden Trophy Winners B Event

B Event Champs - House Wreckers

Lead: Mary Jo Hamilton
Second: David Johnson
Vice: Rita Johnson
Skip: Mike Smith

Holden Trophy Winners C Event

C Event Champs - Rock Installers-1

Lead: Jim Thelen
Second: Daniel Murray
Vice: Tony Michals
Skip: Paul Murray