Congrats to the fall league winners!

Below are the winners of the Brainerd Lakes Curling Club’s fall leagues. Congrats to the winning teams as well as all the teams that competed!

Men’s League Winner – On The Rocks
Skip: Mike Williams
Vice: Robert Haugly
2nd: Jarret Swanson
1st: Matt Schwab

Wednesday Open League Winner – Holy Sheet
Skip: Ron Everson
Vice: Dusty Nelson
2nd: Alex Tiffany
1st; Clara Navin

Women’s League Winner – Ice Queens II
Skip: Kerrie Erickstrup
Vice: Tina Johnson
2nd: Frances Mitchell
1st: Sue Cebelinski

Friday Open League Winner – Murray
Skip: Paul Murray
Vice: Tony Michals
2nd: Daniel Murray
1st: Matt Schwab / Nathan Hanson

Doubles League Winner – Murray/Raboin
Skip: Paul Murray
Vice: JJ Raboin


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