Curling lessons in Brainerd from World Champ Korey Dropkin

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Here’s a rare opportunity for Brainerd curlers to get a lesson from World Doubles Champion Korey Dropkin.

Dropkin will be at the Brainerd Lakes Curling Club on Saturday, Nov. 18. For $100 each, you can take a three-hour lesson: beginners and intermediate curlers are on the ice from 10 am-1 pm. Advanced curlers are on from 3-6 pm. Space is limited, so curlers should register ASAP.

To register for the lessons with Dropkin, CLICK HERE. Please take your time when signing up and read all the directions. You may need to set yourself up with a password with USA Curling.

If you have questions about which group you would be in, call Toni at 218-831-1484.

Should be fun!


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