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You'll be hard-pressed to find a more social club than the Brainerd Lakes Curling Club. With four sheets and a comfortable social area, we can't wait to welcome old friends and meet newcomers. Good curling!
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Ever watch curling and thought, "I'd like to give that a try"? You're in the right place! At the Brainerd Lakes Curling Club, we believe everyone should have the chance to discover the thrill and strategy of this timeless ice sport.
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Dive into the world of curling with resources designed for both beginners as well as experienced curlers.

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If you're eager to get started, we offer Open Curling sessions where newcomers can step onto the ice and get a feel for the game.

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If the idea of joining a spirited community while enjoying a game of strategy on ice appeals to you, then wait no more.

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Brainerd Lakes Curling Association reviews


Darcy Peterson

Our company had a team building event, none of us had ever curled before so we all started on even ground basically. Our instructors were very patient, knowledgeable, helpful and did I mention patient 🙂 Great time had by all, we will be back !!!

Jake Clark

Such a fun time! Had seen curling on TV, and always thought it would be fun to try. We'll be back again soon! Big thanks to JJ Raboin for telling us about the place!

Nick Weeks

I’ve been curling here for 3 years! I love it!! I would recommend doing open curling!

Jennifer Humphrey Bergman

Thanks to the volunteers at the Brainerd Curling club for so graciously teaching my daughter, her husband and their friends how to curl!